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Vanbus Reisen

For the ambitious Young Adult who seeks to build a fulfilling life on their own terms


"What should I do?

I want to be Successful and Happy BUT instead I am anxious, overwhelmed and stressed?"

5 online LIVE sessions to update yourSELF

be bold, be brave and bust the myths of your old SELF

This ONLINE BOOTCAMP will make you DRIVE YOUR LIFE and want more. It is packed with transformative, take-away-instantly content and mind-shifting moments.

This is your life. You make it YOURS.

Online Bootcamp

23.- 27. January 2023

Join me live

for one hour per day

0 Euros

bring attention, commitment and a smile

This Bootcamp is releasing your inner struggle and will begin to bring light and love into darkness

Stressed, Anxious and Overwhelmed - Is that your constant state of mind?

Let's transform that.

Don’t you wish you could update your old Self?

Most of my life coaching sessions begin with... asking:

What do you want? What do you Really want?

Most clients then struggle to give an answer. WHY is that?

Can YOU give an answer? Why is it so difficult to have clarity about what we want?

Let me ask another question to dig even deeper:


What are you yearning for in the middle of the night?

What is your true desire and deepest wish?

Mostly the problem is:

We are hiding that big wish, because of many reasons. 

🖐 Want to stay in my line

🖐 Please the people around me

🖐 to do the right thing

🖐 stick to the rules and regulations

🖐 be nice and compliant

🖐 not ready to leap

🖐 get confused by our own inner voice


The truth is...

Your strategy and mindset has been leading you to unfullfilment, immense doubt, sadness and disconnection to your Self.


Why? Because so far you were voting for

comfort instead of growth,
small instead of scary,
boring instead of bold,
tame instead of tenacious

Isn't it true?

Some 'wake-up' questions for you:

🌟 Do you really believe staying small, will make you reach your biggest dreams and grandest goals?

🌟 Do you really think putting your wishes at bay, will keep them quiet?

🌟 Do you really want to bargain with your destiny by putting it on the waiting list?


You might ask: What Should I do?

Do you really believe : - that someone else will know FOR YOU. - that someone else knows your deepest desire.
Do you really want to make someone else in charge of your path?

Have you defined your WORTH, your POWER, your ESTEEM on somebody’s opinion, advice or life plan?

Then you are likely to create their future, their dream, their life....



How about a massive mindset shift?

You are worth,

You have the power

You have the esteem


Do you really NEED someone else to tell you, what you want, what you like, what you love, what you need to do to be happy, well and whole!

YOU get to decide!
YOU get to dream,
YOU get to create!

How it's gonna work.

I invite you to

be brave,

be bold and

to bust all the myths you are still believing about yourself.

The stuff which really is in the way of being the best version of your self.


What I really help you is the first steps to finding your path to

❤️ Live life on your own terms

❤️And Loving your life

5 Live Calls - 60 min

recordings available

Cost: 0 Euros

Come with an open mind

Your Investment:
Time, attention, commitment

Anticipate high energy and room for possibilities

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I am passionate about the power of words, the energy we radiate and I love to empower Young adults and Truth-seeking people.

As a Happiness Coach, Host and Speaker I have the delight to work my passion.

I have invested time and money to grow into the person I am today. It was not always a straight line. 

I love my life.

I believe Happiness is Homemade and that we can all choose our attitude to life. Being open-minded for radical change and transformation requires courage and trust. It might not be easy, but shaping your own life is worth it. 

What can you count on with me?

I will share my knowledge gained from my studies and insights into NLP, Hypnotherapy and extensive Personal development.


PS: You are what you believe!

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