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20-20 Vision in 2020

So much talk about this new year and the new decade...You might have sat down and followed through with my tips from the December newsletter. Here is the funny fact: Chances are high, that you have not committed to a crystal clear vision for 2020. might be one of millions who again, have started the year either with no plans for the year or with some New Years resolutions and not really having put them into action straight away. Your are not alone, you are in good company.

This is because we are human. And we tend to not always do, what we aimed to do. We have great intent and then life happens, and other priorities seem more important. Good news, you have survived...again. Great news: every day you embark on a journey, a day which is NEW and fresh. It births all new possibilities and opportunities. Let's make sure: - you see the chances with your eyes wide open.

- you are awake to notice the right person, who could potentially be important in your life

- you have the awareness of your intuition to listen to that whisper from the inner guidance system

- you treat your body well. Feed your body with the nutrients, ready to rebuild, heal and maintain your physical body.

- focus on kindness and compassion

- dream BIG

Everything else on your wishlist for 2020 is in sight. Keep a 2020 vision alive and active. Write, revisit and love your goals. Live in the face of constant change. And know: You are enough.

You are love.

Make 2020, the best year ever!

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