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The size of the audience is really irrelevant

Are you feeling unsure about an event where you need to speak, sing, dance, or perform in front of people? The audience, is watching, listening, all eyes are on you, you are in the spotlight.....How do you feel? How well are you prepared?

Public speaking is one of the top common fears. Hot flushes, sweaty hands, nervous laughter, feeling sick, is that you?

The size of the audience is really irrelevant, you might struggle to speak to your boss, colleague or partner; or are asked to present in front of 3-10 people, even if you are aiming for Wembley, a media announcement, you get the point, it all comes down to your very own nerves and how best you are able to handle the situation. Sometimes it may even too much to make a single phone call.

It would be great to gain more confidence and feel good about yourself, wouldn't it? With a few coaching and hypnosis sessions, it is possible to make you feel more confident, empowered and to believe in yourself and the mission you are on.

It is just one small step to connect with me, email and I can tell you about all the benefits of a coaching session for your specific task.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Julia

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