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Your feeling is your choice

Did you know you choose how you want to feel... As humans we carry this ability to put meaning to situations, circumstances, events and this influences how we feel. If you think about it, a person who, as an experiment, demonstrates how a sad, depressed and lonely person looks and behaves like, imitates the body language, this person will actually pick up on on those low feelings as well. Evidence of the body-mind-connection. If you make yourself aware of the feelings you want to feel now and today, you set your body and mind a task and you can create those positive feelings. Wonderful, isn't it. Test it. Something happens, you are challenged. Watch out for your default reaction, the meaning you attach to the moment and feel what you feel. If it is not uplifting, then begin to find something positive about it. And notice how your feelings change. Now, if you intentionally seek out for the positives, you will naturally train your brain to be more optimistic and that comes with all the best side effects. Your default future is in your hands.

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