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Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself.

What are the challenges you are facing at the moment? What have you struggled to face?

How did it make you feel when you last time, looked straight at the boundary of your comfort zone. If you really pay attention then you find out very quickly what you believe about yourself and the world to be true. You have build these walls of the boundary in your thinking. You don't need to believe your limiting thoughts.

Your heartfelt dreams are sometimes just outside of your comfort zone. Where we dream to be just slightly more confident, a tiny bit more courageous, a tad more brave, etc. you notice that these feelings are there for a reason.

If you think you are going to fail, then you are probably right. But when you EXPAND and dare to push your boundaries of the comfort zone which limit you from greater possibilities you are freeing yourself, you are making more room inside your comfort zone. It stretches out. There is more space to be lighter and brighter.

Go with the spark of light inside of you to go one step at a time towards your future. Your future is the one you create right here right now.

Believe in yourself.

Comments welcome: If you have a burning desire to test your comfort zone, please feel free to share this here. By the way, NLP and Hypnotherapy can assist you in exploring your limiting beliefs and changing them to create breakthroughs

Mind you

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