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Dream BIG

Everything starts with a thought. Our mind creates these thoughts and associates pictures and moving images with them. This is normal and happens all the time in our minds eye. When we sleep our mind produces dreams, to process our experiences. I like Walt Disney's quote: 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' I like it because it evokes all kinds of memories of several Disney family holidays, and with it the laughter, joy and fabulous entertainment. His quote is an invitation to expand on possibilities. Things which seem impossible for reality, are so much easier in our mind cinema. Well, and exactly here lies the magic. Mary Morrissey refers to our gift of imagination as one of our human superpowers. Please find her free webinar here: Dreaming with intention is to imagine the wonders into your life, which you truly desire. With the mindful awareness, focus and most of all ease of the process of dreaming we can bring things, events, stuff into our lifes. This creative process can be also called MANIFESTATION. Through vivid dreaming we make use of our innate superpower. And the wonderful fact is we can build this muscle with practise, just like going to the gym. So next time you find yourself day-dreaming, you might want to pay closer attention to the content. It might be a true desire, your soul might whisper. It is up to you to listen and act upon.

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