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3 ingredients to feeling INVINCIBLE

Are you having a good day? Or maybe it is one of those when you are not really sure, you feel stressed, little things are just making you feel on edge. Yes, I have those days, and I am sure we all have those days from time to time. If you are this kind of person that you probably are usually between fairly cheerful to extremely happy. It is a different scale when you believe however that feeling low and grumpy is just the way you are. Because actually you only believe that you were born like this, that it is in your genes. That your moodiness is part of you. Well if you are this kind of person, than this blog is even more important for you.

Actually, I think you all shall know, everything is okay! No need to change anything. Or is there? You can stay exactly like you are or you read this and reconsider the level of responsibility you perform for Your Self.

After all we are responsible for ourselves. Have you heard that before? Well, what are you doing then about it? In times of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, miscommunication, lost vision, how do you talk to yourself. How do you respond? Have you got a go-to-strategy to find the way out of what seems like a maze? I would like to offer you three ingredients which can turn this around. Are you ready?

1. Mirror Work

You want to show up first to yourself before you see anyone else in the morning. Taking responsibility starts with being 100% honest and true to yourself. No more hiding, no more protecting and no more defending. Oh yes. You want to show up in front of the mirror. look yourself into the eye and say: - (name), I am proud of you for......(You shall seek 3 different endings to the sentence)

- (name). I forgive you for....(again 3 different endings) - (name), I commit to ....(again 3 different endings) Now, I know from experience that this is putting yourself first on a whole new level. In fact, you might even struggle to do this for the first days. I know people, who started to cry and could not bring a single word out for days. It is key to be able to show up, because, think about it....If you don't celebrate yourself, who else wants to celebrate you. You need to forgive yourself for decisions made, chances not taken, dreams not lived, who else is doing it for you instead? You want to commit to something for your own journey. Hey, this is your LIFE!! Practise this daily, until you feel there is nothing to protect, nothing to hide from and nothing to defend. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, you can get there.....Do the Mirror Work! I suggest doing it for 31 days straight. Then review, and continue if you like or do this three times a year for a month. People will notice the real you. Exciting!

2. Find a tribe I overcame the myth of this word, which sounded like a group of people in the bush who meet and gather, and do strange things together. Well, since recently I know the power of a tribe. And it is so powerful, and yes it is in parts like meeting, gathering and doing strange things together. BUT, the beauty is, that it feels so good. And since our gut feeling, our intuition serves like a good guiding system, I will stick to my tribe. And yes, if you start calling each other sister, you definitely know you have arrived. You see, you don't need to call it a tribe, it can be your group, your community, your ... The importance I want to stretch is that it is more than your peeps. The reason is quite simply diversity and unity. When people come together in a form of collective, with the similar passion, vision and capacity to learn from each other. Oh, yes, hallelujah!! This is the jack-pot. You feel like you want to bathe in the energy of this group. It will uplift you when you are feeling low. The stories of others make you realise: You are not alone!! The latter is a big one. You are not alone. Most of the issues you have, someone else has experienced in a similar way. So go out and meet up in person, find a group based on your interest. connect with the group via social media or in person. Use the power of the collective to carry you to higher levels, feel the energy rising when people gather. It is soul-soothing and mind-expanding. 3. Take action 'Action is the antidote to despair' (Lisa Nichols) If you want to lay in bed and be miserable, do so. But hey, if you get up, make you bed, wash you face with fresh water, brush your teeth, stretch your body, be grateful that you are giving another day..... Yes, you are already in the mode for action! Get up, and go and keep being in action. If you find yourself stuck at the desk, brain at boiling point, consider movement. Move, get up, step into action. If you are procrastinating, you might be putting the one thing off which is so important, and you do all those things which seem uber-urgent. Well, you might never get to the important stuff. Take action, set out a plan and commit to your important task. Find an accountability buddy (maybe from your tribe) and DO IT!


What do you think integrating these three ingredients into your day will change in your life. Well, I can tell you. You will begin to feel invincible! 1. You love yourself unconditionally 2. Your tribe has your back (okay: and the universe or god, or whoever you believe in), and 3. you are making progress

Test it out yourself! And tell me, what you did and how you got on.

I am curious, I am cheering you on. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please get in touch with me.

Julia xx Mind YOU

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