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Why does Hypnosis work so powerfully, beautifully and effortlessly?

Sitting in the midst of 10 keen students, some sceptical and some knowing already that HYPNOSIS is working, I find myself learning a new technique for my Hypno-tool-box? (Kinetik Shift!) To my amazement, even I took away a massive boost of confidence for my 'trade' as a watched and participated in more training, learning and practising.

The few people in the room who never experienced trance/hypnosis before, understood that it is their own imagination which the hypnotist is accessing. Some people comment that it simply feels like 'gentle effortlessness', 'like daydreaming with a focus', 'like the most beautiful mind movie they ever experienced'. What is hypnosis:

HYPNOSIS is a state of mind that is characterized by deep relaxation, heightened imagination and a high responsiveness to suggestions. By quieting the conscious mind, the subconscious mind accepts new suggestions for positive change.

Let me make it obvious here: Far away from any silly, funny, humiliating stage performance, Hypnosis used in a coaching or therapy environment is the same 'magic', but used with the positive intention to create specific inner change work, shift and transformation.

So why Hypnosis? It is very simple. When we go through the day 95% is run by our subconscious mind. We do not anymore consciously think about how to tie our shoelaces, how to turn the kettle on, how to brush our teeth, how to open the drawer to take a spoon out to eat our soup, how to send a text message, how to speak. These are learned skills which are stored in the subconscious mind. The subconscious is also in charge of our heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, emotions and memories. And here it begins to get juicy. All memories are stored, some might have strong positive or negative emotions attached to them. All those memories have created an imprint into our mind. Because learning takes place via generalisation, humans are then able to assign beliefs to those experiences. Let's say person A felt bullied at school as a child. So now it is enough for road rage to happen, when A gets triggered by a random person B who accidentally cuts the driver off. Person A subconsciously has a generalised belief and feels eg 'not seen', 'or not good enough' and this triggers the brain to instantly mix all chemicals (adrenaline, cortisol) as a stress cocktail and Person A is ready to fight. (Stress response is predispositioned through early childhood experiences, we tend to either freeze, run away or fight in moments of danger/stress).

The subconscious mind is powerful and wants to help us. It also can not distinguish between real or imagined.

That is one reason why:

- during sleep, when the conscious is at deep rest the subconscious is vivid and in dreams feel real. Ever reached out to something with your arm and then realised your are 'only' dreaming. Ever jerked at a clifftop before falling of, then realised it is only a dream, your imagination?

- when you watch a cinema movie and get totally immersed, you truly feel scared, worried, sad, joyful, happy, excited, tense, flabbergasted. Isn't this part of the idea of movies and TV, to be entertained so that we feel with the actors. Our subconscious mind allows this to happen.

How does Hypnosis work?

The intention of the therapist is to help you. You too seek help, because you want to get rid of or change a behaviour, belief, response. You want to feel better, feel free, and are ready for a breakthrough. You had enough of the old and are ready for the enhanced new version of YOU. With hypnosis we can go directly to the subconscious mind, where all of the beliefs and patterns are stored. The transformation happens on a subconscious level. Without the conscious mind making comments of doubt, worry and disbelief, the subconscious is eager, keen and ready to take on new positive suggestions. That is the effortlessness.

If you could change it on the conscious level, then you would have done it already. Like concentrating and focusing on learning a new skill, eg driving a car. All of your conscious effort is put into learning this new skill. With practising that skill, that belief, that behaviour new neuro-pathways are formed and over time it becomes automatic, it is now an available program. Now think about unlearning the ability of driving a car, or riding a bicycle. Difficult, isn't it. Same with integrated beliefs about yourself:

I feel different therefore I can't connect',

I am not good enough',

'I don't have xyz'!

Difficult to simply unlearn it consciously, right?

Unlearning stuff with lasting results, hypnosis is the bridge to the subconscious mind and makes the new, updated belief, behaviour stick like glue or yummy honey. That's why I chose to work with hypnosis, because it creates results effortlessly.

It is an experience in itself to be hypnotised, and a bonus when you create transformation. With the help of the right therapist you go away feeling empowered in your own strength and open to possibilities.

Curious now, take action. Contact me: Connect with me and mention this blog post, you receive a complimentary hypnosis experience.

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