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5 elements of a true, joyful adventure...and the art of listening.

Does the word adventure tickle you, like it does me? Do you consider your life to be adventurous? Is that something you are bringing into your life regularly? If not, have you ever wondered what an adventure might give you? Read on to hear my perspective and what I believe are five elements of a true adventure of any type and find a link to one of my adventurous friends for more inspiration.

´When you know it is going to be good, and you allow to drift into the unknown´

Life is all about what you make of it.

Life is not just one path.

Life can be what you see, it can be what you smell, taste and feel.

The main ingredient which led to this adventure was to listen actively and consciously. You know, how we all can not close our ears. We constantly hear, but I came to understand the difference between hearing and listening.

What I mean with that is, the absolute difference of hearing someone speak from their heart, and empathetically responding or on the other hand listening to the desire of someone speak from their heart and acting upon it, through curiously inquiring deeper into the heart wish, finding clarity and daring to go bold steps.

In reality this means our daughter expressed her heartfelt wish to spend time in Germany, the country she was born in, but left at the age of 1.5 years. Now in her teens, the roots are calling. and they were calling loud and clear. So we sat down as what we call a ´family campfire´🔥 to bring this to life, listening to everyone involved, making sure it does not clash with other soul paths. So now, our son is stepping into his own adventure of being independent (this is worth another blog post, gosh letting go is different on paper than in reality) and choosing academics over travel. I am sure that his future travel adventures will be big and bright and are only a matter of time to manifest.

As parents you have a choice, hear your child and stay on default or LISTEN and ACT.

As parents we decided to listen and act. What are you doing as parents and as your own guide for your own journey called LIFE! Everyone has a choice. You choose our life. This moment is the future in the making.



  • there is a ROARING DESIRE INSIDE YOUR HEART, that is your dream, it is yours live.

  • you are willing to STEP OUTSIDE OF THE DEFAULT MODE OF LIFE, you are daring to go bold steps. You are ready to change perspective.

  • your 5 senses are alert to the unknown, and you are LISTENING TO YOUR 6TH SENSE INTUITION.

  • PEOPLE AROUND YOU PROJECT either their worry or enthusiasm upon your ideas. Basically you are either inspiring or challenging others with living your dream.

  • your constant smile makes your brain produce 'happy' hormones, endorphins, YOU START A POSITIVE FEEDBACK LOOP OF HAPPINESS nd are ready to conquer challenges and ease forward with JOY.


No matter what this adventure is about, I believe those five elements play a part in anything your heart tells you to do. Would you agree?

Our heart is sending us on adventures.

May it be a love romance or travel plans, van-life or career changes, family plans or sport challenges.

As you read this, what is going through your mind? Which images do you see? Do you see yourself on a long journey into exotic countries, do you see yourself ticking things of your bucket list? Do you feel your heart roar? What is it that you want to 'adventure' (oh great, I created a new verb), live, take on, dare, see, feel, even if you can not fathom it in this moment.

Get clear on your dreams and follow them. Just imagine yourself at old age, you want to be able to share GOOD stories of your life. So make this life, your life!!


Train yourself to listen. Since meditating (and seeing all these number sequences), self-development with NLP, Hypnosis and energy work to clear limiting beliefs and blocks I am aligning continuously more day by day with my true self, walking and running my soul path. It takes awareness and coaching, usually books on your shelf will not transform your life experience.

I believe every person has a choice how to live. What do you choose!!

Contact me if you want to book a FREE 20min discovery call, to find out next steps to increase your HAPPINESS, life your Dreams, and boost your WELL-BEING,

Much love and be kinder than necessary,

Julia xx

PS: Tell me, what is your next adventure you dare to bring into your life. Make sure to dream big?

And as always share this blog generously with everyone who you think can benefit from it.

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