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OMG...I am becoming a coconut!

What is going on? Coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, coconut flakes, coconut yogurts, coconut pieces, coconut flakes, coconut flour, and now even coconut shampoo and when I bought my first Dr. Organix coconut day and night cream, I thought I am going nuts! I am a therapist and coach, so do not worry, I have got some tools to stay sane....

Photo by Josiah Weiss on Unsplash

Since finishing a crazy good 90 day WildFit Challenge I have transformed into a coconut! Haha, well a nut-fan of all sorts! Eric Edmeades, founder of WildFit and entrepreneur, updated my knowledge about MILK, precisely COW's milk, I am completely changed...and feeling amazing.

Let me give you some background, and let's see if this resonates with you. I grew up loving milk, as long as I remember my parents told me about the importance of cow's milk humans, to grow strong bones, to get all the calcium my body needs, and simply it was the go-to liquid for my muesli, hot and cold chocolates, pancakes, sauces, coffee (which only ever tasted with milk and lots of sugar), milk shakes, ice-cream, oh yes ICE-CREAM!, desserts, sweets, and I felt good about myself. Being healthy with my nutrition.

But what I did not question was my bloated belly, and the skin irritations which I thought are just part of me. Never did I even question this habit of drinking cow's milk, why would I. Everyone else behaved the same. I was part of a huge construct of social, media, food industry and marketing influence. Now isn't that interesting that now, this is completely different. I can easily stay away from ice-cream made with milk, milk chocolate, frothy lattes, etc. How did I do that and why is this important to write a blog about MILK.

Let me drop some fact bombs and then you can decide afresh about your attitude to Cow's milk, if you still drink it, of course.


+ We, HUMANS are the only animal who consume the milk of another animal! We drink the milk of a cow!! Come on! And let me be frank, we would be more shocked to imagine drinking the milk of another human, right. Is this normal!

In Eric's words:

"Human infants, on average, triple their birth weight in the first year. Naturally this means that babies require a great deal of calcium to support the growth of their bones during this period. The question then is: How much is a “great deal” of calcium? To answer this question we can examine the only food that was designed specifically for us to consume during that time: human motherʼs milk."

+ Countries with the highest consumption of cow's milk are also top of the stats of osteoporosis.

In Eric's words:

"As I continued my studies and found that the “calcium from milk” issue did not only include increased rates of hip fracture and osteoporosis (with increased dairy consumption) but that there were also links to other diseases as well. As well as the The Human Diet: Dairy Delusion Edmeades © Copyright 2003-2008 long list of diseases I mentioned in the previous section of this chapter, I found an extraordinary link between excessive calcium consumption and prostate cancer.


Please dive deeper into this subject with the link to Eric Edmeades 'The Dairy Delusion' where he explains: "In researching calcium, I sought to answer a number of questions:

Where did we get our calcium from before dairy?

How much do we really need?

Is milk a good source of calcium?


Meanwhile through my transformation into a coconut :-)), I now like most forms of alternatives, my favorites are almond milk, haselnut milk. Of course all sugar free!! Sugar-free is worth another blog post. Would you like to hear more?

If you are interested in the freedom of food, check out one of the best nutrition and weight-wellbeing programs WildFit, then follow this link to my affiliate page:

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