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sHero! 5 reasons why we are touched by the hero story

Clearly, the odds are against this tree stump. Look at it. Fallen after years of growth. Can you hear the chain-saw rattling and revving, the tree giving in to its destiny. It is what it is. Most likely that old tree has lived through a vast diversity of weather conditions, and had encounters with many animals and humans.

Have you heard people say: 'It is what it is!' When life is what it is, we experience and accept the whole of life: a range of emotional rollercoasters, scarcity and abundance. There are times when we feel on top of the world, like we could climb Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro in one day and on other days we get to face the other spectrum: struggle with injuries, illness-ridden and bed-bound for weeks. All in all, would you agree, that the human species is relatively resilient. I believe it is natural and normal to have ups and downs. If our lifeline is flat, we are dead, it is a sign of vitality to have peaks and dips. Happiness is mostly related to the highs, the peaks and the exhilarating stages of being alive. Fair enough. When we feel trapped or stuck, we want an instant remedy. But before we experience a break-through, a turn around we are faced with life's struggles, obstacles, hurdles. That's life. It is what it is.

In fact, what if the appearance of a struggle, hurdle is metaphorically speaking the same as a speedbump? What if this speedbump is your sign to waking up? What if the speedbump is here to affirm that you are on the right track. What if the speedbump is now making you question your goals, desires even more. What if the speedbump can be used as a magnifying glass.

Examples of speedbumps: - A disagreement, where you are facing your fear of standing up for yourself and verbalising your boundaries. - Procrastination, you know that deadline for a project is coming up, you feel dreadful, stuck, immobile. Look through the magnifying glass of this speedbump and realise that you can choose to deliver. How badly do you want it? What is your next small step towards finishing the project?

- your body gives you an illness. Well, 'good Morning!'....time to wake up to the wisdom of your body. What is the body's message? Do you need to slow down? Do you need to give your body more healthy movement and nourishing fuel? Is it time to alter your diet once and for all, despite your sweet cravings? Do you need to rest and relax?

Is it easy? Look, a hero is born, the second he decides for a better choice? A sHero is born the second she starts believing in an outcome greater than her default program. A breakthrough for the greater good is possible. Life is what it is, but the sHero makes a bold step into a better possibility!!

5 reasons why we love a Shero story:

1. Make us believe in unlikely possibilities

2. We emphasize with the sHero, sHe opens up our mind for a positive outcome

3. Have their weaknesses

4. Bring JOY and Good

5. Are stronger than the problem.

Heros do exactly that, they save the world, knowing that all odds are against them. Talking of Superman or Wonder Woman. They are faced with trouble and they will win. We know it. Then there are Hero stories of ordinary people who are the main character in their biography featuring some kind of turn around story which is usually a web of good values: kindness, compassion, forgiveness and in general totally inspiring.

We love a good hero story because sHe portraits the ultimate glory of success.

Tips to birth your own hero story:

1. aim for the best lifestyle conditions. You are not only your DNA. Science of Epigenetics shows that we can switch certain genes expressions on and of depending on the choice of lifestyle.

2. keep moving against all the odds think about the salmon swimming upstream! It would be easier to swim downstream, but sometimes choosing to go upstream is empowering.

3. See possibilities in all circumstances Take your observation muscle to the gym. As a pessimist you might want to consider a personal trainer for extra sessions. Even an optimist can further practice the power of this brain part.

4. Surround yourself with a positive tribe.

Don't believe every nee-sayer. If a dream was given to you, it is your dream, and your dream alone.

5. Find your unique Power-pose, practice it and charge your body. Step into action. Move

Now for a moment, think about a current circumstance of struggle. Either at home, at work or with family and friends. See the situation and where you are faced with difficulty. Notice how those negative feelings make your body move or not move. How is your posture? What is your facial expression? How is your breathing? What are you thinking? What is your mind cinema screening? Now.....think: sHero!! Think for a moment: You step into the powerpose and face the speedbump in your mind. Understand it is only a speedbump and visualise a positive outcome? What do you need to change first to step into the optimal state which will allow you to take action differently than ever before!! What do you need more of? What do you need less of? Here lies the first step of clarity. When you change your thinking you can change your reality!! Life itself is what it is, but you can then actively seek to find a new perspective. Need help moving forward? Find a coach, to get crystal clear on your goal, vision and dreams. Becoming aware of speedbumps can feel enlightening. What do you do next? This is your life! You can choose to be the sHero of our own story!

Ask powerful questions, or get help with a coach who can ask you the empowering questions to get you over the speedbump. You can grow out of a fallen tree trunk!! Believe it to be possible!

I believe in you. If you want a cheerleader by your side, look no further.

Contact me for a discovery call, in which we can speak about your situation and find out if we want to work together.

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