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The art of feeling whole again! 'You are not broken!'

Life can be tough and rough! It is pretty much a roller coaster ride. Some find this more exciting than others. If our life would be without any highs and lows, we would flatline! That's called 'being dead'. Life is supposed to be full of surprises, dips and ascends, it can slow down and feel hyper-fast. Life is by design full of changes.

Nature is a wonderful role model for those inevitable changes. A tree is bare throughout winter and then in its own time starts to blossom.

Ever seen an oak tree stressing out of getting to spring time any faster. Ever noticed a wave falling into depression because it did not flow in the perfect tube.

Ever acknowledged that a butterfly does not question its beauty! Okay, this might be a bit far fetched, but so often we humans stress about our imperfections when we are perfect just the way we are.


As we are not a tree, a wave or a butterfly, we can really feel lucky, but it comes with responsibility:


If you don't like where you are (house, relationship. job, friendship) you can move.

If you feel a victim of circumstances (financial burden, transgenerational contracts, Past mistakes) you can find forgiveness, learn and move forward.

If you feel disconnected from your body, your image and find yourself comparing to others, you can fall in love with yourself all over again.


PAY attention now: You are not broken!


The art of feeling whole anyway, reminded me of the 400+ year old Japanese way of repairing, mending and honoring the artifact's unique history by emphasizing, not hiding, the break.

'You probably don’t expect other people to be perfect. You may in fact appreciate when people expose their vulnerabilities, show old wounds or admit errors. It’s evidence that we’re all infallible, that we heal and grow, that we survive blows to the ego or to our reputations or health and can live to tell the tale. Exposing vulnerabilities by admitting error creates intimacy and trust in relationships, and fosters forgiveness.' (Quartz)

In my coaching experience I have seen my of my clients stuck in their belief that they are broken. They have started to despair in pain, grief, depression, anxiety from childhood trauma, abuse, relationship decisions, and the positive news is that with NLP and Hypnotherapy and other useful tools, we can help in almost all cases.


We can reframe the situation, boost confidence and self-belief, reprogram the subconscious software, regain trust, reset the emotional response and gain a NEW LIFE PERSPECTIVE....

feeling whole again.

The transformation is taking place

when the broken pieces are mended with golden lacquer and now the whole is even more beautiful than before.

If you feel broken....reach out to a coach, therapist.

Want to find out more: Contact me for a free discovery call. +44-7817-555893

Kindest, Julia

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