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Dreaming it into reality

'A great dream begins with a dreamer'. So the question is not whether you can remember your dreams or not, the question is: Do you allow yourself to dream?

When getting together for a weekday breakfast, I frequently ask my teenagers if they can remember their dreams of the night. A lot of the times they don't, and what I noticed with the prompt of me asking, their ability to remember is incrementally improving. To their amazement, this results in recollecting either snippets or whole stories of their colorful dreams.

One thing startled me. I don't ask them after school what their dreams were. I am not proposing that they are catching up on sleep in those valuable maths, history, business, science and language lessons, I am however becoming more and more aware that everything we experience can spark DREAMS in us. In that sense, all lessons and interactions during the day, have the power to inspire us.

Hence asking them after a school day, makes perfect sense. They have been immersed in new knowledge and inspiration is a by-product if we allow our mind to live in wonder and awe. Small children are exceptional at this, imagination is like a second skin. Older children, with the amount of hormones and coolness, seem less receptive to wonder and seldom indulge in imagination. Most adults have given in to their circumstances and stops dreaming altogether. However, I believe...

...adopting a GROW-MINDSET at any stage in life is a choice!

Seeing things with a fresh set of eyes, hearing facts and insights with open ears, considering new ideas and verbalizing new concepts with our own INSPIRATION in action.

We humans think approx. 70.000 thoughts per day. And 98% are exactly the same as the day before. That says a lot about habits, doesn't it? And I am thinking the constant social media vortex and algorithm-driven information stream does not help either.


Actionable: - Ask yourself now, what am I dreaming about? What feelings do I wish to experience? What would I like to dream into reality, if my dream would become real?

- The magic lies in the art of dreaming powerfully. If you have an idea of how you can be an even happier person, I wonder...What stops you? Learn about your limiting thoughts and change them.

- Be a dreamer! Go into the depth of that dream, find out what are the essentials parts, what do you see, what do you hear, what do you say?

- Write it down in a dream journal. Night time dreams & day time dreams.

- Notice how you feel towards those dreams. Take a moment each day to sit with that feeling of living that dream right now. With creating space to sit in the feeling you are sitting in the energetic frequency of it. Literally bringing it into your actual life.

Like a tuning fork you are shifting your experience of the dream into reality. You are creating your dream reality. Head and Heart working Hand in Hand. :-)




Have you had a dream come true? Tell us how you did it in the comment section.

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