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3 joyful rituals to leap into the NEW YEAR.

Guessing you have had many entertaining, some wonderful, some not so memorable and a few questionable New Years Eve celebrations in your life. You are not alone.

In my case, there were some funny ones. For instance, when we moved to England, and simply expected it to be similar to our home excitement for fireworks. We would get ready to find a decent spot to see the pier in great anticipation to see the display from the distance. Only to learn that there was no such thing as a high altitude fireworks. I have been to many New Years Celebrations, mostly in Germany with the focus on the extensive time, sometimes two-hour long to set fire to rockets and sparklers. It really is spectacular! Bang! Your ears can hardly fathom the enormity of some fun ammunition and the visual effects all around.

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels

Usually we find ourselves

.....surrounded by it all on the road at my parents home, where neighbors spend their three months worth wages on the fireworks. You see, in Germany it is legal to set your own. And believe me, most are taking this very seriously! It is precision, planned and full on...Disneyland can learn a thing or two.

A few years back, we started to introduce some fun games, which are now tradition, and are an integral part of our celebrations. Deeper than the fireworks, there is this meaningful time, when the year draws to a close. The clock is ticking, Time becomes even more precious and thought-about.

Questions creeps into our consciousness

....we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience at this time on Planet Earth. What do we do here? What is happening next year? Do I really get to choose how I want to live? Does the universe really have our back? Is life really happening for us? At midnight, it seems as if we have a natural choice to continue like "I am just the way I am" or pick from the buffet and choose a NEW YOU.

Here are 3 rituals, fun, joyful and the potential to bring about transformation

Part 1

Letting go ritual

Each of us writes down one sticky topic which they would like to leave behind in the old year. Something they are ready to let go of. Writing this down, requires some inquiry, time to ponder and contemplate. Once decided and committed to offer this niggle, complaint, pain, obstacle, struggle, to the universe, it belongs on paper. Out of the body and mind…onto paper.

Pain (specific body part….)

Nagging the sibling


Being late

Being unkind to self or others

Being disrespectful

Self-doubt when others believe in me

Complaining about…

Getting stressed

Finding excuses (for eg not meditating etc)

Being dishonest

Not taking responsibility

Anger…(when actually I just don’t know how to deal with the emotion)

In the hour before midnight Either individually or in a pile set fire to the LettingGo paper statements.

Watch the flames. See the messages and attachment dissolve, disappear, making space for your new positive intention, name it. (Extra points for writing down your new intention, pinning it to your bathroom mirror, screensaver, kettle:-)

Part 2

New Year leap - (my favorite part of all)

Each new year we want to mark the occasion with a momentous moment. We use the countdown wherever we are, form a circle, hold hands, looking at each others eyes and when the clock strikes, we jump…..We leap with a joyful scream, starting the brand new seconds of the year energetically high, playful and loved. It is a leap of faith, trust and connection.

Much fun for everyone included.

Part 3

Fill your heart space Ritual

Before midnight we have put reminders of JOY, Happiness and Positivity as well as funny predictions on paper strips, which we folded and put in a jar/bowl/hat. Then we each pick randomly the fair amount until the container is empty.

After our New Year jump we open them, and share them out loud. Here are a few ideas:

You are simply awesome as you are

Your smile is infectious.

Your hugs are the best.

Your best time is still to come.

You are meant for greatness.

Your shine so brightly like a star.

You are full of love.

You are falling in love deeply.

You are going to win a price.

You are making a great shift in May.

Breakfast tomorrow morning is on you.

Your summer holiday will be one of a kind.

You are going to learn how to cook 10 new dishes.

A new education will transform you.

You are radiating JOY

I appreciate you.

Etc be creative and fun, be specific yet generic for the group and use your imagination

Feel free to post the best ones for inspiration in the comment section below.

Guess, it feels good. And after all, It's all about the feeling, isn't it?

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Julia Seibold, Happiness Coach

Master Person-Centered NLP and integrative Hypnotherapy

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