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Corona - Am I feeling Grief?

Time is precious. It is our currency, which we get to spend, we get to choose how we spend it. In this intense phase of living in lockdown, which will be part of history books in the future, we are currently facing a range of emotions.

We can compare it to the 7 stages of grief and loss. You might be grieving the loss of control (which by the way was always an illusion), or the loss of routine, or the loss of a job, of course maybe the loss of a loved one or a friend. Maybe the loss of your plan for the future, or the loss of a holiday which was booked and will not take place for the unforeseen future, maybe you are loosing out on the excitement of sitting your end of school exams and find yourself in a complete identity shift. These are all existential themes.

You might recognise yourself or others on the spectrum from Shock to Acceptance. Make sure you are moving on and through the stages. Give yourself permission to sit with your current feeling, digest and reflect. It is important. Notice and help others on their journey through this momentous time. We can do it. We are stronger together. If you need assistance, reach out to me and let others know that there are plenty of coaches and also other resources.

This time has special potency for RE-Connecting, RE-membering, Re-thinking, RE-storing, Re-birthing, Re-flecting, And also HEALING. Healing of relationships, healing of self-acceptance and of course healing of the planet.

I am excited about my daily visualisations as part of my self-care routine. I picture myself and the world around me in Oct 2020 and also in April might like this video for inspiration. We remember, If you have questions on how to create a self-care routine or what visualisations are, connect with me.

( watch my early thoughts on the crisis, if you have not watched it yet.)


Check out to schedule a discovery session with Mind you. If you want to discover your emotional balance and unlock your desires, let's begin.

Julia Seibold


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