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Feng Shui your Visionboard

It is the first of December. The end of the year is near. You know me, I like to say that it is always just NOW, and that we live only in the NOW!

There is a twist to it, when we engage in manifestation. We have visions of a future, we want to become certain person, learn skills and in this respect we think about the future. This is brilliant.

It is most powerful, if we invest some time in form of creating a vision board to set out goals. These goals I see as inspiration for manifestation!

The clearer we are about the areas in our life, we want to focus on to grow, develop, enrich, expand, the more attention they will get. and we know, what we put attention on grows.

Your vision board is a reminder an inspiration board for your vision.

Your vision board is your future NOW in front of you.

  • It works when those images you select for your board, are deeply inspiring you, are emotionally shared.

  • You can meditate in front of your vision board or place it in sight, your subconscious mind will pick up those vibrations from the images which evoke a physical sensation in you.

  • This then works like a mega magnet. You become a super attractor.

I am intrigued by Feng Shui, and will study more about this topic. At a Mindvalley event I met the expert coach Marie Diamond, check her out she is a guru in this field of law of attraction, and a really fun and ENERGETIC woman (haha).

The Chinese words "feng" and "shui" translate to mean “wind” and “water," respectively. This concept derived from an ancient poem that talks about human life being connected and flowing with the environment around it.

What Is Feng Shui? The philosophy of feng shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to harness energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment.

In Asian culture, this philosophy is called the Tao, which translates to mean “the way." Taoism is the way of nature and all the basic principles of feng shui reflect nature.

A vision board designed with the Feng Shui principles has special powers.....! And that is enough for me to get creative.


Here the template:


  1. Use a squared background

  2. keep the 9 small squares in mind to sort your vision

  3. cut outs can be round (even better)

  4. have fun and think 'What inspires me in this category?'

eg: box creativity:

if you have children already, that is great. Maybe you want to get creative and be on stage as a public speaker...Put that in here.

Here some more questions to tickle your mind:

Comment and share!

If you have done your vision board, let me know where you put it.

To your future NOW!

Much love and namaste


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