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Mind You Monday

Are you suffering from Happiness* ?

You are not alone in postponing your happiness.

Does this sound like you:

*Oh, but first I need to finish my to-do-list,

* I am feeling tired today, let me just take a break from it all

* Why is everyone else having it figured out

* I wish I could be happy

* I don't even know what makes me happy

* I don't deserve to be happy

OMH....Oh my Happiness! For Happiness sake!

You, my friend, are NOW here. NOW is the time to BE Happy. There is no other time.

Let me repeat this. There is no other time in which you will ever experience yourself, other than NOW. So the emotions and things which you relate and associate with your Happiness....BRING THEM into YOUR Life..... NOW.

You are feeling the urgency, aren't you?

Do NOT delay your happiness

Do NOT attach your happiness to an outcome in the future

Do NOT rely on someone else to make you happy

DO take responsibility for your Happiness

DO what you like and what makes you happy, (and what feels good 30 min out for the sneaky selftalk that popcorn and coke are making you happy...they maybe do, BUT how do you feel 30min after consumption....MIND you Health)

DO find compassion and kindness....that is in deed a short cut to your happiness.

Next steps:

1. Be honest with yourself

2. Reach out to a lifecoach, mindset coach to help you find Happiness NOW!

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