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What is the Adventure MAP?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Who does not love Adventure, right? When mentioning the word Adventure: The normal response from folks is: face brightens, eyes are getting bigger, face softens, a smile is imminent to break. What about your response? Can you recall your latest adventure? How does it make you feel today?

When I talked to Andrée-Anne LeBlanc last week during our online event 'Global Happy Cafe', I learned so much. Not only is she a TEDx speaker, and that is always cool. She also is a wonderful person and discovered what Happiness means to her and how to create it on a frequent basis and in an accessible way for everyone. She calls it Adventure MAP. I recommend watching our conversation. here is the link:

Before I listened, Adventure to me meant a combination of adrenaline , action and loud screaming, I instantly remembered my bungee jumps (!) in New Zealand, and the skydiving I did during our honeymoon. So much adrenaline, action and loud screaming!

Andreé-Anne however gives a fine definition:

Adventure is:

  • Novelty

  • Anticipation

  • Emotional delta

So Adventure can be many things, when you use this definition. In our convo she gives examples and answers questions of our audience.

So what about: MAP?

It is easily remembered as:

  • Mindset

  • Area

  • People

Do you want to go deeper and learn this framework for yourself: Hit the links and enjoy.

Thanks Andreé-Anne for your work and sense of adventure. I am writing this blog post inspired by your Adventure MAP Mindset today: inspired, Area: at Cafe Bloggers ....New at Cafe


TEDx talk Andrée-Anne:

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