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Who is Julia?

Hello, Hi, Hallo,… a happy welcome to all my new followers, it’s time to introduce myself again!

Why is it important that you know me? Because you might one day wake up and know: "I am ready!" Ready for a shift in your life. Ready because you had enough of being stuck in some old pattern in your relationships, in your career, in your friendship, with your health. You notice a slight bitterness, laughter does not come as easily, you have begun to let clouds ruin your joy of anticipation for the next sunshine. Or maybe you know that this can't be it, there must be something more to your life. And you begin to search for answers.

Those answers lie inside of you. It is difficult to look beyond the normal, conditioned SELF on your own. It's incredibly tough. You are who you are, right? The answer is, yes you are who you are in this moment AND you have the possibility to look further and EXPAND yourSELF. That is a great moment to turn to a mindset coach. Please know that you are not alone. Find someone who resonates with you. Someone you trust.

Someone who does not believe in your BS, and gently guides you towards the greatest gift you can give yourself. Living happily and in your fullest expression! Halleluja!

That's why it is important you know me. As you begin to thinking about it, you might know someone, who would benefit from coaching sessions with me.


My name is Julia, and I am one of the happiest people on the planet. I do occasionally jump, skip and bounce, I find reasons to do so easily. Even in these strange times, where there are stress-triggers on every corner and almost every conversation includes an up-date on Covid and its implications. Yes, I consider myself as lucky, optimistic and playful.

Does that mean I am always happy, probably not. It does however mean that I am consciously choosing Happiness and looking for feelings like happy, joyful, satisfied and all my most desired feelings during the course of the day, especially when life happens and the rest of the feelings show up too. I am totally lit up when I see other people enjoying life, smiling, laughing, being kind, compassionate and curious. Together with my husband and our two children we are a family who supports, trusts and motivates each other and we intend to be spread positivity and good vibes every day.… powered by love.


If you knew me, you knew this about me

On my watch

Ask me what time it is and I will tell you: It is NOW! In one of my early posts on Instagram you see my watch. When I just started wearing it, I habitually turned my wrist to check the time, then looked at the dial with no hands, no markers and the word NOW. I giggled at myself and took note of my present state of being: rushed, worried, relaxed, stressed or even happy. Yes, it is always just NOW. Now in this moment, regardless of time, who am I, who am I becoming and how do I want to show up. This is my choice. Every single moment. NOW: This is the only time when we live, when we make choices, when we take-in the world and feel our spiritual being in this human body. (thank you @stealtimeback)


It took me years, several worst muscle pains and a serious nose dive/flat face crash to finally crush it. Well, mainly it felt like crushing the spell which ‚I don’t know who‘ put on me. I finally managed to stand up on the wakeboard toed behind a boat……YAY! Now I am happy with my skills and am mesmerized by the confidence and grace of our kids effortlessly wakeboarding. I consider myself as fairly sporty, give me a squash racket, a beach Volleyball or inline skates….it’s game on!


I know my inner child is very much alive in me. You’ll laugh at this: When something absurd, stupidly awkward is happening like the postman cycles past the mailbox at full speed and has to stop and reverse, I honestly see those real situations replayed and illustrated in my mind like an animated Disney cartoon. Full color, hyper-speed reversing postman with sound effects and the lot. This makes me giggle. Do you think this is weird or can you relate? Tears of laughter and belly-laughter cramps are the best, thanks @joyfulmamma and @biggi. Also kitchen dancing, boardgames and ad-hoc silliness belong to playtime in my world. When our kids were little and started to play, I learned that there is no useless playing. Everything is exploration, filled with curiosity and the approach of a beginners mind. I love playing as it puts me into that state of mind.


If I knew at school that I now love the behind the scenes of our psyche, cognition and human connections, I probably would have studied all of the following (LOL): Psychology, Bio-Chemistry and Sociology, Communication, Neuroscience, Nutrition, Chinese Medicine, oh and Architecture (we just renovated a house :-)

I am grateful that I did not. I am extremely happy with my choices, because I met the love of my life at university. We both studied Sport-Economics and everything about that was meant to be, including essential international life-time friendships. And years later, after working in eg Tourism Public Relations @KPRN and being a passionate full-time mum (Loved it), I started my second act as a Happiness Coach. Thought having the credentials and the specific tools, would be good @Salusacademy. I chose to become a Certified Master in Person-Centered NLP and integrative Hypnotherapy and Kinetik Shift Practitioner. You might ask, ‚What the hell is NLP?‘ It’s simply put the study of excellent communication — both with yourself and with others. It is like an attitude and a methodology of knowing how to achieve goals and how to create big transformations in all of your life areas. I call it New Life Perspective.

It might sound a bit brain-heavy to you… me it is more than that. Through my studies I concluded that

‚Happiness is Homemade‘,

it is very personal, everyone is on their own journey here at Earth School, and we all deserve to feel Happy, joyful and well.

To be happy is a choice, to be unhappy is a choice too.


What else:

I like oat-milk lattes and energy balls (@Lisa can we book us in at @Miiko)

never had pets (I don’t call the head lice on my kids heads in Year 3 admirable participants of the family, but I happily carry spiders out of the house),

love audible non-fiction books spoken by the author…gives me actual chills. @Oprah,

Wishlist for interview guests on my YouTube show Mind of the Week include: @JayShetty on meditation @DrJoeDispenza on self-healing, @DrShafaliTsabary on conscious parenting

Powerful Podcasts: @eckharttolle Essential Teachings, @mit den Waffeln einer Frau :-)), @Mindvalley, @BE with Champions

Keeping strong and flexible with Ashtanga Yoga @bodenseeyoga and @Ute

Oh and I ‚google-search‘ via ecosia and currently live @wildfit as a flexitarian

Okay, this is a glimpse into my world. If you have any questions, connect with me. I would be delighted to hearing from you and of course, if you know someone who you think might be ready for a New Life Perspective...share this post, give them my contact details. Their happy life might depend on it.

Image: Embody Radiance Retreat day for women. here with co-creator Dulcie @joyfulmamma

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