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Allowing to be Happier

75min holistic approach to uplift your happiness

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 150 Euro
  • Zoom Room or Mind You Studio in Germany

Service Description

As a result of this powerful 75min coaching session, you will check on your Happiness level. A lot of people are not allowing themselves to feel happy. A symptom is 'Numbing' your feelings. You are in good company. It is highly important to understand that we can not selectively numb ourselves in life. Are you numbing your joy, numbing your pain, not letting yourself be fully alive? You get the chance in this single session to turn tables, to feel happiness beginning to be part of your life. Happiness is your birth right. The right-leveled bio-chemical mixture of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin brings joy, happiness and health. You are responsible for your Happiness. So taking action is serving you a favour. So this close-up look at your level of happiness, holds the potential to shift your mind, body, soul into a new dimension of well-being. Sounds good? One of the five biggest regrets people have on their death-bed is: ' I wish I had let myself be happier?' Be the person and give yourself permission to be Happy. I am delighted to assist. If you want more of me after this one-off session, the service can be transferred into the 'Feel Free Package' which entails 4 paid and a 5th session for FREE.

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