You are in the right place. Welcome to MIND YOU TODAY. I am sooo glad you are here. Yipee.
Let's begin.
I believe you found me for a reason and now let's find why. Either you feel something is missing in your life, or have a gut feeling that the key to your HAPPINESS lies inside of you.

You could also be a parent seeking help for your child.
When you are searching for answers, and all the self-help books have not transformed your situation....
If you have found this page and seek HAPPINESS inspiration, feel free to cruise and make sure to subscribe below....


If you get the chance to work with her ....take it.


I found every session empowering. Julia helped me beyond belief and made me stronger every time I saw her.

Confidence for

Public Speaking

Julia helped me shift some major negative beliefs, that I have carried for years.

Sleeping issues

I would fully recommend Julia, she is warm, engaging, highly positive, who takes genuine pleasure in helping others.

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