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Neuro Linguistic Programming
Gain a New Life Perspective
NLP offers really practical ways of getting more of what we want in life.

To name a few examples, we can use ideas and exercises from NLP to:
  • Communicate better and have more fulfilling relationships with others
  • Have more choice in how we respond to challenging situations and relationships
  • Reconnect and strengthen our personal resources: for example, increasing confidence, assertiveness, energy, calmness, etc.
  • Transform emotional baggage into valuable personal learning
  • Create powerful and compelling goals for ourselves and others
Our nervous systems: how we receive and process information from the “outside world”.
What we say and how we say it, including our body language; how we are influenced by what others say and our own inner chatterbox.
How we act to achieve the results we want.
 Makes changes actually stick!

Hypnosis is, accessing the subconscious mind. It is a very relaxing state.
Hypnosis and Trance is simply an altered state of mind, very similar to the state of relaxation, during which your unconscious mind is better prepared for positive changes.
With an holistic integrative approach we can analyse negative emotions, behaviours, beliefs, and boost health and wellbeing.
The Hypnotherapist is merely there to guide you and assist you to make the changes that you wish for.
Someone said Hypnosis is like glue, it makes changes actually stick!

Happiness Life coaching
You can reach your highest potential

Sometimes we wonder why we are in a certain situation and find it hard to get out or see anything positive about it.

In Happiness Life Coaching I look at 6 layers which influence your mindset. I can then coach you to re-interpret the current situation; to find new meaning and essentially to move on in a resourceful way, so that you can reach your highest potential. You walk away equipped with powerful life-changing tools.

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