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Julia Seibold

See the world in a different light!

I call it ‘New Life Perspective’...
My approach is based on the unique person-centred NLP and Integrative Hypnotherapy by Salus Academy which Peggy Guglielmino established. You receive bespoke experiences, tailored to your individual needs and goals, as you commit to a profound journey.


I am able to assist you in transforming your life, creating Wellness, Happiness and Fulfillment. I firmly believe that 'Happiness is Homemade' and am passionate about the power of words. I give you the attention and time you need to be empowered, to create your own projects; from dreams to reality - to become self-aware and to live a life with ease and passion. 


I do this by drawing on my coaching experience, working with women and children over the past 11 years. I work 1-2-1 face-to-face or via online media. My clients (eg. Australia, Dubai to US, Europe, Great Britain) find me via recommendation and referral mainly. I declare a heart-felt connection with my clients as KEY and the foundation for any successful transformational journey.


In my early 20's, I was exposed to self-development and communication through Landmark Worldwide, which led to truly transformational breakthroughs. That journey has been ongoing and my life changed for the better; I work to share this with my clients and to empower them to drive their own lives.


Family is closest to my heart. I create my own Happiness through an active, healthy and outdoor lifestyle and I love to have a good laugh.

In 2019, I increased my involvement with the Charity Action for Happiness. From leading an 8-week course 'Exploring What Matters', a compassionate community was formed which resulted in the installation of the first Happy Cafe in Dorset/UK with monthly meetings.

In 2020 the Global Happy Cafe was birthed which grows its reach and as part of the team World Happiness Project, I am passionate in spreading Happiness all around the globe,


To be at the cutting-edge of coaching and therapies, I continuously immerse myself in studying. I love filling my mind with the latest neuroscience, communication mastery, health and well-being trends and studies. And yes, I do benefit from hypnosis and inner work myself.

Welcome to Mind You

Welcome to Mind You

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Julia lives in South Germany, with her husband Martin.  Together they are parenting their magnificent grown up-kids (Niklas 21 & Laura 18). Sport, communication und connection have always been her focus. 

Happiness Coach Certificate
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