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The concept of Happiness

(a brief Stream of Thoughts...😀)

I know for sure that we are all going through life wanting to be happy. You agree, don’t you.

I also know that I am happy to be a HAPPINESS coach. I love to witness the transformation of my amazing clients.

I get to empower each of those wonderful Humans by

❤️reconnecting them to their inner strength and unique talents

❤️by bringing awareness to their shadows and blindspots (areas of our Self which are really difficult to see on our own)

❤️reigniting motivation, self-trust, confidence

❤️establishing clarity

Look, for me this WORK encompasses so much more than JUST being happy.

Want to know more? Here it is….

To be happy means

😃 to be fully home within yourself.

😃 To never be lonely, because you are whole and always with yourSELF.

😃 To BE the DRIVER of your LIFE.

😀 To be driving your life and taking responsibility for all the turns, bumps, green lights and stop signs.

😀 To be accountable for your own life.

😀 To show up as who you are and not needing to hide or being small.

😀 Being HAPPY is radiating through us. Energy is in full flow…⚡️

➡️ Your HAPPINESS is contagious and it is inspirational. What shines through is Being YOU.

Being YOU, is a good choice, because everyone else is already taken.

When you choose to discover your true HAPPINESS, and how you make and nurture it, then you are passionately living your life.

This path is only easy for some. Most people are given a lot of obstacles and pain to go and grow through.

For sure, you know best which camp you are part of.

So far so good! This was my current understanding!

Then….My interpretation of HAPPINESS expanded. It was mind-boggling!

It puzzled me when I recently listened to a podcast by the spiritual teacher Eckardt Tolle titled: the world is not here to make us happy.

The way he elaborates and transcends his teachings is, in itself, extraordinary, and as he spoke something just landed and became crystal clear!!!

He said: „We are not on this Earth to be happy we are here to raise our consciousness!“

As a Singular and as a collective.

He says: Happiness is the portal.

When we truly (see, feel, smell, taste, sense =) ARE happy we are experiencing the PRESENT moment. As humans we tend to look for Happiness from the outside. But as Eckardt Tolle explains, things which make us happy, can also make us unhappy.

Our job can bring us happiness and at other times it makes us unhappy.

Our children can make us happy and unhappy.

Our house, our car, our clothes, our friendships, our romantic partner….YES, can all bring us amazing Happiness and Unhappiness.

This means: Happiness is not constant. When we attach our state of Happiness to the outside then we CAN NOT fully be happy.

Solution / Aim: Being in a state of Happiness is, being unattached to the outside influences and being Happy with ourSELF in this moment.

(YES, I can agree to that)

Listen, we all talk about the weather. It’s good weather, It’s bad weather…’ BUT, don’t you think: The way we are happy with sunshine, can be equal with the way we are happy with rain.

Tolle says, that In those moments of unattached Happiness we are able to see through the circumstances and experience the World as it is! In this moment of stillness we are PRESENT, and we are raising our consciousness….by not needing the world to be ANYTHING! (And the weather too)


Really philosophical, right!

Here is my take-away:

The more we are finding out how we are Happy from within the more we are experiencing Moments of Presence in which you can say: I love it. I love myself, I love life.

I am feeling GOOD!

(Rain or shine, haha)

👍 I know that this is truly a remarkable life goal, to be able to say: I love my life, I love myself as I am.

As a Happiness Coach I am here at your service.

Good thing….I can stick to my mantra: HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE.

👍I know that, being in a coaching session, my clients receive my full presence and together we raise the level of consciousness.

👍Many unconscious patterns, habits and beliefs are excavated and through interventions we reframe and reprogram them……this is powerful mindset stuff.

You can decide if you call me now a Conscious Happiness Coach.

Yours, Julia

I am happy to read your comments about my thoughts and insights..

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3 Kommentare

Gerry Clarke
Gerry Clarke
16. Dez. 2022

Thanks Julia. Most inspirational!

Gefällt mir
Julia Seibold
Julia Seibold
16. Dez. 2022
Antwort an

Thank you Gerry. What does Happiness mean to you after reading this? Anything which is most important to you?

Gefällt mir
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