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*Most popular* Feel Free package

(Value 1000 Euros) 5 x 75min sessions for Deep shifts, New Life Perspective, Inner Compass

  • 1 h 15 min
  • 600 Euro
  • Zoom Room or Mind You Studio in Germany

Service Description

This is by far the most popular choice. Why? 1. Because you have the space and time to transform and create breakthroughs...Thats why its called 'Feel Free' 2. Because over the course of 5 sessions which are laid out ideally bi-weekly or every three weeks we get to turn stuckness into flow, darkness into hope, and inner wounds will begin to finally heal. 3. You pay 600 Euros and get sessions at a Value of 1000 Euros. Thats a deal, isn't it. 4. I support your personal growth and you will feel that you have the power within. Because you are gorgeous and magnificent, you might just have forgotten. Let's dig and make you re-connect to your superpowers. How: * current situation assessment with intention settings * each session is tailored to your needs and your desired outcome * each session will be challenging your current habitual way of life (=default) * mental exercises will give you mindset tools available to use in your every day life * guided by intuition, personalized recordings in form of meditative visualizations * tailored power-tasks as self-work for deeper integration In all my consultation I follow and flow with the client, allowing the best-suited intervention or coaching approach to effectively bring forth the shift, the magic moment, the Aha, as I pull together from a variety of modalities from my studies incl. The Work by Byron Katie, Core Transformation by Connirae Andreas, TimeLine Therapy, EFT Tapping, Milton Erickson Hypnosis, NLP by Bandler&Grinder, RMT by Tony Robbins, Kinetik Shift by Karl Smith, The Journey by Brandon Bays, Core Desired Feeling Work by Danielle LaPorte, etc. I am happy to assist, facilitate, hold space and let you discover a whole new you. Be free. You can be feeling complete and happy and healthy after the completion of these 5 sessions. It can also happen that you want more. I got to tell you, that the majority of my clients, through their newly found confidence of their own inner wisdom and power, are opting for further sessions or packages. Why? Because they sense the immense opportunity to better themselves, to boost and flourish faster, so they take the momentum and ride the wave a little longer. If you decide you want more after completion of your 'Feel Free Package' you get a discount for bookings of online products and get VIP booking status. PS: Happiness is contagious, as is any other feeling. You choose your preferred state of being. Your Happiness is your responsibility. Let me assist you.

Contact Details


Schubertstraße 11, 78464 Konstanz, Germany

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