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2023 Digital Advent Calendar (WhatsApp)

The things we tell ourselves and the stuff which we believe is true about ourselves is so powerful .

How often do we think something like:

I am not enough

I’m not good enough

I’m not young enough

I’m not smart enough

I am not creative enough

I am too old.

I am too young.

I first need to finish this.

I first need to have done that I’m not ready.

To be happy, I first need to ....that’s the typical I’ll be happy when syndrome .

When instead we can empower ourselves and here is one way how to do that .

🎉 Choose one intentional thought and practice it during the day, Several times feeling into and here is when you sign up for the advent calendar

Your starting point:

👉Sign up and receive 24 powerful affirmations to change your day by day.

Sign up now for 0 euros .

👉 send me a message with your Mobile number and I make sure to put you on the WhatsApp broadcast channel.

🦋That voice inside of you won’t go away it’s on you to take charge and to guide it.

24 FREE daily affirmations!

If thiamin's not your thing AND you want to start working with me in different ways, Let me know

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