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Unleashing Greatness: My Incredible Greator Festival Experience 2023

Hey there, fellow seekers of greatness!

Today, I'm bursting with excitement as I share with you my unforgettable journey at the Greator Festival, a larger-than-life personal development and coaching event. Over two extraordinary days in Cologne's Lanxess arena, I was joined by 15,999 like-minded souls, all eager to embrace the magic of growth and transformation.

First and foremost, let me express my gratitude to the incredible minds behind the Greator event for orchestrating this grand celebration of human potential. Despite a few obstacles along the way, they pulled off a phenomenal event that left a profound impact on every (I am sure) attendee.

One of my highlights, happened outside of the event. It was the privilege of spending intimate moments with two remarkable individuals, Marisa Peer and Vishen Lakhiani from Mindvalley. Both globally renowned for their expertise, Marisa for her hypnotherapy and Vishen for creating the biggest life transformation platform. They exemplified dedication and drive for their purpose. I was reminded that those in the spotlight can be down-to-earth and ever eager to share their wisdom.

"Your beliefs make you. And everyday you look for proof. Your robot of a brain, works even in your dreams to make your thoughts real. Your mind is like a toast letting the butter in. It can not reject it. Neither can the mind reject your thoughts." Marisa Peer
"Your mind does not care, of what you tell it is true of false, right or lets it it.!" Marisa Peer


Tony Robbins, the mighty master motivator, took center stage for four electrifying hours.

"Biography is not destiny." Tony Robbins

His high energy and deep learning lessons had everyone enthralled. From his wisdom, I learned the power of two entry points for changing our emotional state: focus and physiology. By shifting our focus from problems to solutions and using power poses and energetic movements, we can transform our experiences and take resourceful actions.

Tony Robbins Powerposes, Greator event

Throughout the festival, I was captivated by a constellation of incredible speakers. Miriam Höller, an ex-stuntwoman, radiated dedication and fearlessness, leaving us with a treasure trove of nuggets to cherish.

Veit Lindau humbly questioned our purpose and how we can serve the world, inviting us to uplevel our consciousness. His words touched us on a deep, meditative level, creating an unforgettable shift in awareness.

"Was habe ich noch nicht gegeben? What have I not given yet?" Veit Lindau

Marisa Peer's hypnotic talk and workshop demonstrated the incredible power of hypnotherapy, evoking laughter, tears, and "aha" moments. I heard from one attendee, that Marisa proved to be an equal match, if not more, to the awe-inspiring Tony Robbins.

"If you can dream it, you can do it" Oliver Brünner.

Oliver Brünner, an SEO specialist, showcased that if we dare to dream, we can manifest our dreams into reality. His performance was utterly capitivating, which resulted in standing ovation and encore. Phenomenal.

The storytelling genius of Tobias Beck had the entire arena roaring with laughter and shedding tears of joy. What a special way to bring the speaking events to a close!


Together with my 21-year-old son Niklas, I soaked up every moment of this incredible experience. The festival left me brimming with joy and a heightened sense of awareness, connection, and learning. The 80+ live speakers shared their brilliance, and I'm eager to uncover more of their wisdom in the future.

I firmly believe that when we experience something extraordinary, it's our duty to share it with others. Our insights and learnings may be precisely what someone else needs to hear. As I conclude my journey at the Greator Festival, I send each one of you an abundance of love and encouragement.

Remember, dear friends, within each of us lies the power to unleash greatness. Embrace your potential, ignite your passion, and bask in the journey of growth. Let us all make this world a brighter place by inspiring others with our stories of transformation.

With love and gratitude from my heart to yours, until we meet again. Julia Keep shining! ✨🚀

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