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3 steps to A new life - realize, re-calibrate, re-birth

When we are living through something which is completely disrupting our so called reality, we feel a turmoil of emotions rushing through our system. Of course I am talking about Covid-19. And then I am also talking about how we used to feel before this Pandamic. Here are three steps to a NEW LIFE, which include an introspective as much as optimism for a bright future.

Let me briefly remind us, on the nuisances which made our stress level rise. Remember your response when, for example:

- the Wifi was unbearably slow.

- kids were making a fuss when getting ready for school.

- your colleagues were sharing out another birthday cake, and you felt obligded to eat a piece

- you were stuck in traffic

- you had to make arrangements with the baby sitter and could not decide what to wear.

- your cleaners did not clean to your standards.

And please add something from the top of your mind, which represents something mundane from your life.


1. Step Realise

Now, it is important to realise that we have a massive opportunity here. We are living in a historic moment of time. It obviously has global impact on economy and politics, science and research. It also has a national impact on the way each culture and society manages this virus on their home front, and how it will effect their nation. On third level this Pandamic effects each individual.

I call this is this perfect timing to stop, breathe and take count of one's being. We are forced to look inwardly as we asked to STAY at HOME, STAY alert. When we apply a sense of BRAVERY and COURAGE and dare to use the stillness we will come out SHINING BRIGHTER.

I feel optimistic, and want to share my thoughts with you. It takes courage to be still, it is a daring process to go inwardly. For most of us, It is unusual and unfamiliar to be quiet , calm and reflective. Maybe for the first time you are actually reconnecting with YOURSELF. I applaud you for staying at home and. Now, to make this incredible shift to a NEW LIFE after lockdown, the first step involves realization.

Realization that you are still alive and functioning EVEN without so much of the worldly stuff you thought were ESSENTIAL. This is a big step Now, sit with it, make a list of all the things which you thought were essential for your living.


2. Step Re-calibrate

In the second step we practise to re-calibrate everything. Finding out where you started before the crisis, where you are right now and where you want to be in 2021.

The intention behind this is to propel you towards your NEW LIFE. Change is happening, so what do YOU NEED to shift and create your NEW LIFE. Here I'd like us to question: - our belief system

- our values

- our habits

- our strengths, our weaknesses

- our needs

- our desires

With this crisis, we are given a true chance to negotiate ourself on an almost blank canvas. Our world has been shaken so much, our normality has been disrupted to such big degree, we get to choose how we deal these cards. I suggest we adopt an optimistic attitude and get to work. Get to work on ourselves. We are in the position to see things with fresh eyes. So use this global alarm bell, and WAKE UP. Wake up to who you want to be.

Re-calibrate your life situation. This is wonderful chance.


3. Step Re-birth

Imagine it is 2021, and you are the new you in this NEW LIFE. The whole world has moved on. We have a vaccine, schools are open, people are traveling again, the economy is building, and YOU ARE the person you want to be.

You have a new birthday on the calendar in 2020. This was a massive YEAR, full of possibility and growth. Didn't we all say 2020 is going to be a big year, well it sure was. You know who you are, you know your passion, you know your vulnerable side too. You practised your YIN and YANG, you are a wiser and more aligned person.

You are YOU, just an upgraded version. The virus has left the software. You can think clearly. All systems are running smoothly and organized. All cookies are cleared. The newly downloaded programs serve you on all levels. After the reset you are more efficient, up-dated and fully operational. You understand that you are software and hardware, and only functional in a healthy network.

Into the human world the above could translate to:

You are YOU, you are re-born. Happy birthday. The malfunctions of your body and soul have been healed. You look after yourself with a nurturing self-care routine. You work with a new to-do list which includes a NOT-to-do-list. You love your to-be list as well. You have audited all your relationships (people, nutrition). Your beliefs and values are thoughtfully chosen and help you make decisions easily. Your habits are now serving you to live a truly remarkable life filled with Happiness, Health and Abundance. You honor your spirit and body for this lifetime and live responsible for yourself interconnected to everyone. We are all linked.

How does that sound? Well, if you are anything like me, this is what I am aiming for.


So cheers to you and cheers to all of us. We are living in un-precedented times. So let us all take this as an opportunity for an un-precedented shift for the individual and for humanity.

Realize, Recalibrate, Rebirth


If you like what you read, please share this article wide and far. I would say yes, to being a guest in a podcast featuring this topic.

Much love,


PS: I believe "happiness is homemade", another reason why we can be creative now in our own space.

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