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Can I always be happy?

As a Happiness coach, I see this very pragmatic.

First of all, if you are currently feeling happy..awesome: ENJOY the feeling! Dance, sing, jump, run, tell your friends...whatever..share your positivity and optimism. BE HAPPY.

Secondly, if you are yearning to feel more happy right now?

Take this first step:

Make a decision, that you want to FEEL happy now. How do I do that, Julia? You might ask.

Well, declare that as a statement to yourself. Speak it out loud. The energy of a spoken word is more dense. So declare out loud: I decide to feel happy now!

How does that shift your immediate feeling? It wants to be there, correct?

Now comes the most interesting part.

In most cases, when you belonged to the portion of people, who were yearning for more happiness....

  • you blame circumstances for your unhappiness

  • you have an inner critic in your head, who tells you stuff like: 'You can't be happy now. You first need to fix your relationship, your business, your bills, your life! You don't deserve to be happy! Look at you, ...

  • you feel like a victim to how people are treating you, and that is definitely a reason to be unhappy.( is it?)

  • you focus on the lack happiness

Am I somehow right?

The issue here is that our experience of life, is based on the focus we have. When we focus on and decide to be happy.....we are turning the steering wheel into the direction of our choice!!

Now, we are in the position to drive towards our own happiness.

Can I always be happy?

Probably not, as emotions are Energy in Motion....can I always Choose Happiness....YES.

Now, we are in the game...what other words come to mind for Happiness:

Pick your favorites and declare, decide and dance with them.


To answer your Q: Can I always be happy?

Probably not. Good news: You can always choose to feel happy, and that will instantly shift your emotional cocktail.

In one of the next blog posts, you'll find out about What makes us happy?

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PS: As a Happiness coach, I also recognise that sometimes it is really difficult. Together we can decode, decipher and discover your true yearning and help to heal and transform. We can look at the main area of concern and sometimes my clients find that a deep-rooted struggle is holding them back, or unconscious mindset limitations.

Together we aim to create a break-through release the old, bring in the new.

Based on your desired outcome.

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