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New Ways November

Our friends at Action for Happiness have again created this beautiful calendar. Check it out and pin it. You know where. Right in your view of sight and commit to the daily activities, which will boost your happiness and wellbeing, even in Lockdown.

Download the calendar as a pdf here in English and here in German.

Many other languages available on the webpage of Action for Happiness.

We all know that going New Ways will feel uncomfortable and most of the time triggers some form of FEAR!. When we allow ourselves to face the NEW, face the FEAR it has positive effects:

1. We learn about ourselves

2. It sparks creativity

3. We allow growth and change to transform us. Evolution!

Hey, Mind You community, pin it and act on it. Let me know in the comments which day worked well and which day's activity was more challenging.


Julia Seibold

Master Person-Centred NLP Practitioner and integrative Hypnotherapist.

Action for Happiness Ambassador

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