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Two Top tools for Time management

Here is a collection of my latest tools to keep up with the Kardashians...Well, not exactly, just keeping up with the things I want to get done. Being famous has not made it onto the list. I am very happy with my life and I hope the Kardashians are too..:-)

I write this blog post to collate recent posts into one to make it easier for you.

Maybe you can only relate to my time management suggestions if you are a Mum of teenagers, being self-employed, working flexible hours, having school holidays, living in UK with family and wanting to also include a fair amount of physical exercise as well as further study into the week.

Maybe you have a complete different set of parameters and those tools still make some sense. In any case these are simply a suggestion and I'd love to hear how they help you feeling more productive, more grounded, rewarded by the achieved tasks, and utterly more relaxed due to a realistic break-down of task vs time.


1. Daily

This one is inspired by my mentor Eric Edmeades, founder of WildFit and Business Freedom.

There is just only so much we CAN fit into the 24h window, lets make sure the stuff which is mega important get's done, which sometimes means we get to start with a task we much rather want to avoid! Get it done first. Reward yourself with the 'nice' stuff. So honestly and realistically commit to the tasks which REALLY are better DONE TODAY! List them.

And then there is stuff we get to commit to NOT to Do, meaning.... we allow them to BE where they are. Our subconscious mind loves this part, as we give it the command to let go of stuff for today. This part is great, and yet I had resistance putting tasks in here. See how you get on.

Extra magical power lies in the third column, whatever your belief, religion, we ALL have a sense that there is something greater than us. Allowing the UNIVERSE to step in and help us, only works if we ask for help! (really like this Eric) So here is your chance, write things down and trust that with this intention you have given permission to the HIGHER powers to assist you. This has already worked for me, when I put on the list to seek help with receiving clients, and guess what two new clients for a Discovery call that day.

If you are sceptical, fair enough, then why not give it a chance and write something down what you truly would wish for, and see it as a bonus round. If it manifests, you win. If it does not, you might have sabotaged it with your dis-belief and get another chance tomorrow. :-) Stay in play mode.


2. Weekly

This tool is inspired by Jenny Fenig, spiritual brand strategist, and the productive power here lies in the playful flow of:

in JOB, on JOB and Free time.

Here is the second time management tool I have been using and testing for a while now. To be fair, there are so many options and approaches on how to schedule your time most efficiently to create the BEST balance of work and life, to create the GREATEST success. Firstly, success is utterly driven by your own terms. My success is defined by how HAPPY I am!


Tip for families: Additionally we use ical/Iphone calendar as a family shared app. All overlapping events, appointments, sports clubs and fixtures, holidays, visitors, excursions find their colour-coded spot and we all have access to the same useful information. No more: 'Oh, I did not know you are at a party!', 'When do the kids break up from school this year', 'When is your last exam before the summer'. Agree, it takes commitment to keep this up-to-date, AND having used this method for several years now, ITS EASY as its our habit now.


Here is how I use this schedule for my own weekly flow:

1. work and life are just ONE. there is only LIFE. Being a mum this includes a lot of school, nursery runs, countless taxi journeys if you have teenagers with several out of school clubs (exception: You live in Germany and your kids take themselves to friends, clubs, etc....then you have even more time, so be grateful. :-)

2. The colourcodes ON JOB (I use pink), IN JOB (red for me) and FREE (mine is green), allow for structure and make free time an honest, valid part of your timetable. Let me shout at you: SELF-CARE. 4. Instructions: The PINK shaded sections are when I’m working ON my business. The RED is when I’m working IN my business.

And the GREEN is when I’m spending time on NON-business related experiences, family&friends, exercise including self-care for me.

I also have plenty of WHITE space on my schedule so I can feel into what matters most here. I find when I’m too rigid I’m out of flow. This white space makes all the difference for me.

MAGIC: Early start of the day. I started to include a chunk of Quiet time into the waking hour. (Miracle Morning: from 6-60min) before the family is up. This is worth another post! Stay tuned to read about my transformative experience. I tune into what I most need.

It started with just a meditation last year when staying in Germany for two months and this has evolved and now I have a mini routine including eg. journaling, running my energy for manifestations (link to Heidi Baker Mind of the Month January!) and other science-proof mindset stuff. I go with my intuition … then I shift into the rest of my day, with waking our gorgeous kids with love and excitement for a brand NEW DAY.

Now, when I’m traveling or on a course or leading retreats/workshops, this schedule obviously shifts.

I'd love to hear your experience, send me a note! Test it, see for yourself, have a FUN plan, THIS IS YOUR WEEK. It is only here once. CREATE YOUR WEEK! You can do it too!

Disclaimer: HaHa, of course I had one of those weeks when even the best plan is just not realizable. Well, I guess that is life. So please be gentle with yourself. The Time management tools I am sharing here, do help to structure and organise...and when life happens, let life wash over you, through and move on.

PS: This is all not set in stone. I belief planning is good and being like a child and doing what feels good is also relevant and FUN.

Click on the daily and weekly plan to download.

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Julia Seibold, Happiness Coach

Master Person-Centered NLP and integrative Hypnotherapy

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