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Goddess of the month (headstand alert)

Sunshine right into our faces...hence we are wearing shades. :-) I feel privileged and grateful to have been Sheila Sornsin's Goddess of the month for August 2018. Several inspiring hours in Chelsea, London, and this interview is one product of our meeting. Our topic: How To Shift Your Perspective To Find Greater Happiness.

View interview:

I met Sheila through the online quest Speak&Inspire in Oct 2017, and we are both TIME TALK sisters, and also share the passion to strive living full of awareness, growth and in connection to nature and other souls. Sheila's mission with The Grateful Goddess is to create a life her clients love through coaching, speaking, gifts and getaways. Her intention is to inspire living authentically expressing voice and talent and creating more vitality, strength, lightness, courage, prosperity and joy in life! Watch til the Sheila's acrobatic skills are challenging me on those small shiny marble steps to walk my talk. Please check out her page if you want to know more details:

Please feel free to share this video or blog with your friends, any questions simply comment or direct message. Much love,


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