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Stay as you are! I say: 'No!'

Stay as you are! NO!

Are you one of those people, who remembers one of those moments every child must have had, when you visit relatives you have not seen for a long time. What are they gong to say? Probably something along the lines: ‚Gosh you have grown since last time.! Or ‚Wow, you are a young lady now!‘. Or if you are a guy it might have sound like: ‚Hi Young Man, of to Uni soon?‘

I used to enjoy those moments. My parents and I had a little smile and a giggle about those anticipated phrases and it was part of the scene. One sentence though stuck with me, and comes back once in a while, and has over those years gave me a great deal of reflection material.

Normally when the family was saying their good-byes, giving hugs and well wishes and see-you-soon-hopes, it was then that my relatives wished whole-heartedly:

‚Stay as you are Julia!‘ and I wanted to scream: No!!

This was so off! Why are they wishing me to stay the same version of me? I was just a kid. NO, I certainly do not want to stay as I am! Thank you very much. It felt like being stuffed into a small little box, a container just big enough for my child-like body and persona to fit in. Imagining that if there was a lid, it would be a tight affair to close it, jammed down. In you are, Julia, you are fitting into a box, and now thats it. No need to grow, no need to change, no reason to evolve.

I used to be far too conforming, did not want to cause a stir, and so I did not cry out loud! But I screamed inside! Only now in hindsight I can re-interpret that they probably meant:

‚You are a great kid and you ought to stay a great kid.‘

But to me, back then it felt like an offense. It hit me in my core. It sounded like:

Stay in your box.

Don’t grow up!

No need to change!

It felt like: I am small

I am being judged.

I am not seen for something greater.

I am misunderstaod.

It had a bitter taste and as I write these lines, I can see their faces in front of me and I am actually really grateful now! It might be one of the reasons why I am a seeker of knowledge and have my channels open on receiving.

I am a learner, and I always want to continue to learn! Grow and be a better person tomorrow! I am on my way to the Mindvalley Reunion 2019. A gathering, conference with several incredible speakers like Vishen Lakhiani, Wildfit Eric Edmeades, Conscious Parent Coach Dr Shefali Tsabary, Imapact theory Tom Bilyeu, running for US president Marianne Williamson, Superbrain Jim Kwik, Jay Shetty, who will fill the room with inspiration for self-development, personal growth, insights about the latest research in mind and body, connection of the human species. Mindvalley is revolutionizing education across the globe, values UNITY, and is pulling all stops to deliver a broad curriculum supported by talented teachers. My life path is one of being a constant learner, I thrive from inspiration, and having this mindset is enabling me to live in the process of co-creation, and transfer my learning into my private and professional activities.


Now, we know that we each choose who we want to be in this lifetime. You can choose today, in this moment as you read these lines. You can choose and bear in mind that your children have the right to choose for themselves!

Ask yourself powerful questions like: - Of all your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, and habits - what can you change for the better starting right now?

- How can you be more honest, true and authentic to your unique and wonderful true self?

- How might it change your life - and the lives of others - if you looked as hard for the strengths in people as you do their flaws?







Leave a comment if this speaks to you.

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