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TIME....talks, and what do you do with yours?

When you read this I have spend some time writing this in the past and you are taking time in the present to quickly read what this is about. Isn't it so strange that we all have enough time, and then again so little time. TIME played a major role in a recent event of mine. It was my absolute privilege to be part of TIME talks, in San Diego. This event is, I believe the new TEDtalk. If you have not heard of the latter, I still highly recommend youtubing it or even via app accessing their library of talks all on topics Technologie, Education and Design, they are witty, wise, trendy, cool and heart-warming. You learn a ton, whilst being entertained by speakers who usually are brilliant already at delivering their message in a short time frame. TIMEtalks is a the new 'big nugget' from my friend Heidi Baker, her entrepreneurial idea drew 29 women from several countries and cultures, eg US, Canada, England, Pakistan, France, etc to California....and oh YES, we gathered and we talked. Each of us timed to a sharp and powerful 7 minutes presentation with the umbrella topic RESILIENCE. Some of us naturally talented to be on stage, some on our way to brilliance. Recognising that you can still improve, is such an important life skill. We were honoured to have a special visit from our mentor Lisa Nichols (THE SECRET and Motivating the Masses), who wowed us all with her appearance, knowledge and particularly laser-focussed feedback. I have never before witnessed such gracious and up-lifting honest feedback. Truly masterful. Strong and fond memories were created that day. Theresa: tearful Claudia: dramatic Jennifer: fashionista Caecilia: calm Brigitt: clear Bisa: clever Fatima: connected Sarah: on route Linet: artistic Sarah: surprising Trisha:psychic Becky: funny Heidi: natural Juaniece: humming Barbara: cool Norma: powerful Nancy: present Rachelle: definite Leslie: transformed Wendy: magnetic Terri: grand Angela: brilliantly constipated Mary: heard Brandy: brave Angela S: courageous Shirley: knowledgeable Sheila: sporty (I think the journey of this awesome bunch of women is inspirational material for a documentary....Any film producers interested?) My talk is about how I discovered that maths lessons at school can be seen completely different when you practise your headstands! Intrigued? It takes 7min..... You can watch my talk here and others via the facebook page TIME talks or just

By the way, all TIMEtalkers love your feedback. Go watch and leave comments for the others too. If you are interested in hearing more about the TIMEtalks and become a TIMEtalker yourself connect with Heidi. Here are a few questions to be pondered about if you like, and your journal will thank you for your time:

Contemplating about time, is a time-saver? Would you agree?

What do you do with your time? How much of your life have you lived fully present? How much of your day, spend awake are you asleep? What does time mean to you? Have you ever wished you could turn back time? WHY? How much longer to do you want to live? What are you going to do with your time on earth, in this body? Where do you live more, in the past or the future? Is that even possible? If you could choose right now, with whom would you like to spend time with? Go see that person. if not possible, reach out and connect via phone and tell them.

Much love and take your time,

Julia xx

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