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3 ways to boost JOY with your female brain

I recently attended a Lisa Nichols workshop with 250+ people in San Diego organised by MINDVALLEY, when a women stood up, and reviewed her insights from the exercise we did in pairs. She took the mic and pulled a neutral face, explaining that like herself, the Finnish people would express JOY just like this. I was wondering where she would go with this story, but then she exploded like a firecracker, in her red jumper and white trousers, she jumped filled with JOY, demonstrating that she knew she can be more expressive, but it was just not what you do in Finland. Haha!!

Seeing her expressing JOY so freely in a whirlwind jump-like dance, flinging her hands into the air, might sound extreme. But think about it. When was the last time you acted out your emotions and don't we all wish to some degree being playful and fun almost childlike. Her JOY was contagious! General tip: Do more of what makes you happy. I believe 3 ways can boost your JOY. - share your negative and your positive emotions - get up and move your body. Physical exercise. - listen to your self-talk & intuition

Research shows that the female brain is more active that the male brain. Okay, you might smile now. I did. But it has two sides of the sword. As another study reveals: women produce 52% less Serotonin than men. This is important information for a women as, low level of Serotonin can lead to: • Anxiety • Depression • Pain syndromes • Trouble sleeping • Obsessive worry • Carbohydrate cravings

Let's recap, the female brain is more active than men, and females produce less Serotonin. The increased activity also makes females more vulnerable to anxiety and depression, which they suffer from twice as much as men; insomnia; eating disorders and pain.

On the positive side, females in general exhibit greater strength in areas of:

• Empathy • Intuition • Collaboration • Self-control • Appropriate worrying

Finding a balance is therefore, especially for women, important to unleash the power of their female brain. How can you achieve that: - Balance empathy with Self-care - Use your intuition and gut feeling, it is your super-power as a women

- Work to include others - Self-control, tip: keep your blood-sugar level stable. - Balance worry with wellness Read the whole article here, including study results.

If you are a not a women and you read this, simply use this as an invitation to understand the other species better. Don't wait for someone else to give you permission to dance like crazy, don't do the Finnish way, get out of your own way, and celebrate yourself.


Be creative and find your unique way.

Mind YOU. Julia


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